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Lukasz Radwan

Hey! My name is Lukasz Radwan

Full-Stack Designer

Following the path with Flow and Passion since 2008


When it comes to my personal brand, I often refer to infinity. I believe, that the crave of becoming the best in the world is very limiting belief and have its end on a timeline.

Therefore the only one person I want to get the better of is myself. The assumption is to be at least 1% better than yesterday. This conviction provides me inexhaustible resources of passion, happiness and development, and until it’s with me, it can last forever.

I perceive others achievements differently too. Seeing how gorgeous things they experience, I am impressed and understand that the sense of humanity is to inspire others, not to compete with them.

I cherish Edward Deming’s approach for continual improvement of quality. Relatively little we can change in just one day, but if the process we'll spread for weeks, months or years, the outcome will be astonishing.

The primal form of the website you just explore have been made and launched in 2013, the pure design is out below:
Dash Design 2013
From the very moment, it have had many faces and the change still proceeds.

Why actually Flow Agency? I believe that the proper understanding of illusion of Time is possible only if, performing an activity we are entirely absorbed in the present. The moment of full immersion in an activity is called Flow. If the Flow occurs, there must be passion as well, which in turn is an inseparable factor of my work. Agency word emphasize my aspiration of action for a much wider scale.

Flow Agency is not a trademark, it's a state of my mind and object of desire.

The story

I am good because I believe, that I can be better, I am better because someone once believed I could.

In 2009, I was asked to create my first commercial project on the use of the known, a German musician. It had to be a website with unique style, detached from prevailing trends, yet modern.

Despite of a lack of experience, my self-belief have prompted me that I will manage and I ought to take the order. So I did it, however, the design was immediately rejected and taunted because of the poor quality.

But then I thought that notwithstanding of my quality today, I am a lucky guy! This is the very beginning of my career and someone entrusted such amazing task to me, I need to reach for impossible and become a master. Instantly I got back to work and lost track of time for a long weeks...

Every day I prepared a new concept of web design and asked for feedback a community of designers network. Later on I have been admitted to the management team of the network, contributing by writing articles, organizing competitions, and carrying forums.

Unfortunately, though the amount of work continuously increased, the quality of my work was constantly lowbrow. Then, a member of the team have noticed my persistence and decided to persist until I will understand, that the quantity does not equal quality. When I received the twentieth time, the list of things to improve I headstrongly insisted to stick at what we already have, claiming how grueling it is. And then I heard “talent lies in details”. It moved me deeply and forced to work much harder, because I wanted to be perceived as a talented.

I have learnt to be headstrong with endeavoring to perfection and exceeding my own limits. Today, through each new project I challenge myself.

    • UI&UX

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    • Shopify Theme development

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Do you feel the Flow?


Get the advantage over your competition right now.

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  • ComeOn!

"Quality is pride of workmanship."

W. Edwards Deming


The beauty is in the details

... and details are my specialty


UI/UX, Front-End, Shopify Theme Development



Animation, Screenplay


Australia Study

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Print Design, Web-development, Logo Concepts

Australia Study


Concept App Design, UX, Logo Design, Icons



Webdesign, Web-development, Branding, Print Design, Digital Art


ComeOn Landing page

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Swiss Clinic

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Swiss Clinic


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